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Post operative instructions:
Eyelid surgery

The eye is usually padded after eyelid surgery with a firm dressing. You will be advised when to remove it. If you have had both eyes padded, your nurse will remove them shortly after the operation.

In general, take life easily for the first few days after your surgery.

After your eyelid surgery, bruising and swelling of the lids can be expected. The amount and severity is variable. If you have had upper eyelid surgery, some bruising of the lower lid may take place. The bruising and swelling may be at its worst on day 2 after surgery. After this, it usually settles over a week or so. There may be some minor residual swelling which can take a few weeks to settle and in some cases, the lid is not at its best for a few months.

Some people like to take Arnica preparations in the hope of minimizing bruising. Please feel free to do this although the medical evidence that it actually helps is lacking.

The lid may feel slightly uncomfortable and the eye itself may be slightly red to start with. This should all improve over the first few days. There may be a mucous discharge in the eye when you remove the pad. Wipe away any excess mucus with cotton wool and cooled boiled water.

If you have been given some eye drops, please start to use them as soon as the pad is off.

Your sutures will be removed at about 1 week after your operation. You will be able to discuss your progress at this visit.

  • Do not worry if the lid is not how you would like immediately. It is likely to settle with time.
  • Do take life gently over the first few days.
  • Do not swim for three weeks. Do not strain or take heavy exercise over the first week.

If you have any undue pain or worsening swelling or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me through my secretary.


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