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Retinal detachment in AIDS related CMV retinitis. Sandy CJ, Bloom PA, Ferris J, Graham EM, Schulenburg WE, Migdal CS Eye 1995;9(3):277-281

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Reduction of the genetic interval for lymphoedema-distichiasis to below 2Mb. Bell R, Brice G, Child AH, Murday VA, Mansour S, Sandy CJ, Collin JRO, Mortimer P, Callen DF, Burnand K Journal of Medical Genetics 2000;37(9):725

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Analysis of lymphoedema-distichiasis families for FOXC2 mutations reveals small insertions and deletions throughout the gene
Bell R, Brice G, Child AH, Murday VA, Mansour S, Sandy CJ, Collin JRO, Brady AF,Callen DF, Burnand K, Mortimer P, Jeffery S Human Genetics 2001;108:546-551

Autogenous hard palate: The ideal lower lid spacer?
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Primary orbital melanoma masquerading as vascular anomalies.
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Iris configuration in accommodation in pigment dispersion syndrome. Balidis MO. Bunce C. Sandy CJ. Wormald RP. Miller MH. Eye 16(6):694-700, 2002 Nov

Marin Amat syndrome. Jogya A and Sandy CJ. BJO March 2003 (Video Report)

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Mild optic nerve hypoplasia with retinal venous tortuosity in Aarskog (facial digital genital) Syndrome. Jogiya A and Sandy CJ. Ophthalmic genetics 26(3):139-41 2005 Sep

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Bilateral daryocystitis caused by candida dubliniensis. Obi E, Roy A, Bates V, Sandy CJ. J Clin Pathol. 2006;59:1194-1195


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